Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dynamite (explosive questions that seem to blow up in your face)

I spent the entire day on FB today feeling like I was arguing with a pastor on someone else's right to choose his walk with Christ. A well known pastor stepped down from his position because he felt he could not agree with the theology of the "fundamental" doctrines of the church. Funny thing is he didn't disagree with all of them it was more like one of them and it's such a touchy subject that it sparked a debate that lasted ALL DAY! LOL. All day. I unfortunately let my feelings get in the way because I couldn't understand how another pastor could not respect his right to be honest with himself. If more people would be honest with themselves and others we would see less hypocrisy in the church (the body not a building). I really have questions that I keep to myself because I don't want anyone judging my ability to be a Christian from them. Does having questions really mean I'm horrible or wrong? Does it mean I'm walking without the assurance of salvation? Does it mean that I don't really love Jesus? If I don't agree with everything does this mean I should leave too?

We don't want people to know we struggle, yet, we all do it everyday. Why must people suffer in silence? The body should not be isolated limbs and parts. Why can't we question things we've done uncontested for decades and centuries without judgment? Does that even make sense? Why are we so afraid to evaluate what we believe as a church? Do we fear that people will feel betrayed with the potential truth? I thought the truth would set us free. What is wrong with doing a spiritual check up now and then? Why is it semantics to say that I will not condemn someone else for his choice to leave? Why is it condoning sin? How can I honestly say I have a conviction if I can't test it? Why does a question mean that I don't really love God? Why does leaving a denomination mean I left Christ? It's stupid really. If I were to leave my denomination today do I go to hell tomorrow? Questions.... I think the people are honestly crying out for more transparency and honest discourse. It's not rebellion or an excuse for sin. It pains me that people are not trusted with the presence of mind to live under the power and grace of God. How is living by faith (being saved by grace through faith) in Jesus hedonistic? I don't get that. Is this the same thing as the Pharisees calling Jesus a friend of sinners and publicans? A winebibber? Do people really understand what grace means?

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