Monday, August 24, 2009

Are They Serious?

Oh. . .my. Have we really gone off the deep end? Have we Americans gotten so off track that we resort to reporting about peoples ankles and call that newsworthy? I don't even know why I read the article. It's not like I knew what it was about already and how it was going to end. Okay if you must, here is a link from CNN (Cannot Necessitate News): Why would anyone try to vacuum their ankles (liposuction) as if that would actually even sound like it makes sense or would work for that matter? No one had to tell me that vacuuming around ligaments and taking muscle tissue away from my foot could cause permanent damage. It's a vacuum! Hello?!? I'm not going to pay a sadistic "wishdoctor" 5000 dollars to destroy the use of my feet! That's just crazy! Really. Okay then, it's settled doc. You keep your vacuum and I'll keep my cankles. And there are people who really truly believe that they are not beautiful if they don't have waif thin ankles supporting their big boned frames. What?!? Those ankles serve a purpose. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are made in the image of the One True God and you are an incredible work of art. If we keep getting caught up in the perpetuation of foolishness, pretty soon we'll have a few Darwin awards to hand out for people cutting off their feet to spite their cankles. Please friends, stop the madness before it is too late! Large ankles are not a curse. "Lovehandles" are not a disability. Be thankful you have them: There are people who wish they had legs or the use of limbs and parts that we take for granted and call ugly. "Lovehandles" just show that you aren't starving either. Let no man call what God has made unclean or common. You are uniquely you and blessed to be who you are. You have things that are right and special about you that no one else has and that is your gift to the rest of us. Look at yourself with new eyes and consider the sheer wonder in being human. We can all look and feel our best especially when we have the confidence of knowing who we are and Whose we are. It's been said that "God don't make junk" I most certainly agree. I hope you will consider that if God doesn't consider us junk, then who are we to "one up" our Maker and Designer?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blogosphere Throwback #3

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Why on Earth did you do that?

Is it me. . .or are boys in and of themselves quite noisy and strange? Different breed of the same species? I'm beginning to think so. I look at my two sons (who together have an effect quite like thunder in an otherwise quiet and peaceful mind), and I shake my head in awe and admiration and occasionally annoyance. They can make me smile and suck in a breath of pure wonder and before I've exhaled they do something that inspires me to nearly spit fire and brimstone and proclaim, "What on Earth were you thinking? Why did you just do that?" And that little wide-eyed three year old and that doe-eyed five year old look up as innocently as life and say "I don't know." It's absolutely too frustrating to try to get a seemingly valid and logical reason out of them as to why they flushed the Mega Bloks down the toilet and tatooed their bodies with Sharpies, but I suppose that is what makes parenting so much fun.

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