Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Clay Babies

Hey Ya'll! I'm just checking in to let all of you know where I've been. As one lady of God put it, I'm making my way back from a "stint" down at the Potter's House and boy do I feel beat (buh dump CRASH, pun intended). I praise God for it though. The Lord had to (and still does have to) pound me a bit (as I tend to be semi dry and stubborn) twist me up (allow circumstances to unnerve me), water me down (with His Spirit) and throw me on the wheel(sanctify me). Just when I think I'm shaping up, God says, "Hmmmn, nope I'd better smash her down and do it again" (sanctify me some more) because He sees something else in me that is revealed as he smooths me out and up. I don't like that part so much! But what I do like is just how much God takes a vested interest in me that He wants to make me over and better than before: a vessel that is not only useful and gives due service but is also pleasant to use and look upon. I hope as you go through your own "stints" you'll remember just how much God loves the pretty and likes to make us a part of that process. Be blessed this week and say hello to the Potter when you get a moment :0)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day


I'm apologizing in advance for my inability to post this link appropriately. Please copy and paste all of the above information into the URL bar in order to see a wonderful article that says it all when it comes to what being a man and a real father is all about. If this is not what God is like then I don't know Him. . . Let's be really thankful and show our appreciation for those fathers, uncles, family friends and mentors who have shown what is right and good with fathers. Let us also thank our Heavenly Father for stepping in and adopting us when we needed a father to show us what is right and good. Be blessed this weekend and have a Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Real Deal

Good night! It's been 10 days since my last post. Life, yo. Have you ever had days where it seems that all mayhem and disorder breaks forth, but you're walking closer with the Lord than ever? Well, that's me this week! I guess that's why Peter had to remind us not to be surprised with the fiery trials that try to overtake us. They are a natural part of the Christian life. I think sometimes I forget that being a Child of God has nothing to do with light and flowers and sweet music following me wherever I go. Sometimes it's about getting my hands dirty, dealing with messy human nature and living life in real time with real issues. It's like Jesus was trying to give everyone who would follow Him a head's up: "Okay guys listen, no really listen. Peter stop talking! This life is not going to be easy, okay? In fact now that you're following me, it will get much more complicated from here on out. You will suffer persecution, prejudice, attacks (verbal and physical) and overall some of you might get killed. . ." As his disciples stare at him with eyes wide and mouths gaping Jesus decides to add a little more in a way to comfort them: "Uh, but don't worry. In the same way I've overcome this world so will you. . ." A cheer erupts over His voice and the disciples secretly plan on how they will make him King of the Jews (or this world) and which high position they will take. Jesus shakes his head and silently prays for his disciples. That's me. That's you. That's every Christian who ever thought that the life hid in Christ would actually be hidden and we could quietly go about our day happy and free. No, we live life out loud. And some of us too loud (but that's another post for another day). Rejoice friends! If you are going through this week and it wasn't because of any particular thing you did that you know of this week then be of good cheer: You're just walking in the light of God!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh, by the way. . .

As you know (or probably don't if you're new), I've been trying to post on my blog at least once a week and have actually been doing pretty well. I want to do something that I don't think happens often, but I figure would be good for me. I know most people don't read the archived posts, so I will give you the opportunity to read some of my "re-runs." I will post them here and on my blog on Sistahfaith. Don't worry. I will still be posting my new stuff regularly, but I thought it would be cool to give people a chance to see how much I've grown and how far I've come in the last two to three years (since this blog began). Keep your eyes open!

I've Got a New Family

Happy June! I think I've just joined a sorority of sorts this week. No, not the kind where you have to be processed in and meet the approval of a scrutinizing group. It's more of the kind of sisterhood that binds you together for life and eternity. I've joined a network called Sistahfaith. In the last two days or so I have been so impressed with the quality and quantity of women (and men too) who have been bearing, caring for, and sharing with one another for the empowerment, betterment, and encouragement of each other. There is no fee, no approval process. You just have to have a desire to connect with others who have a fire and drive for being the woman or man God has called them to be. I hope that you will take some time to stop by and see if Sistahfaith is a place you want to become a member of a beautiful and growing family! Be blessed this week! Cut and paste: www.sistahfaith.com and click on NETWORK. Hope to see you there!

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