Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blogosphere Throwback #3

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Why on Earth did you do that?

Is it me. . .or are boys in and of themselves quite noisy and strange? Different breed of the same species? I'm beginning to think so. I look at my two sons (who together have an effect quite like thunder in an otherwise quiet and peaceful mind), and I shake my head in awe and admiration and occasionally annoyance. They can make me smile and suck in a breath of pure wonder and before I've exhaled they do something that inspires me to nearly spit fire and brimstone and proclaim, "What on Earth were you thinking? Why did you just do that?" And that little wide-eyed three year old and that doe-eyed five year old look up as innocently as life and say "I don't know." It's absolutely too frustrating to try to get a seemingly valid and logical reason out of them as to why they flushed the Mega Bloks down the toilet and tatooed their bodies with Sharpies, but I suppose that is what makes parenting so much fun.

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