Wednesday, November 11, 2009


How often I feel like I'm going through psychosis when I begin to see right through my facade! I see through my own facade? Ok, I know it's confusing. But we all do it. We hide ourselves from ourselves to keep from despairing of ourselves. Even more confused? Ok, let me start this way: Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if there were no class separations, protocols, chains of command and every man esteemed one another as alike? Are you imagining the conflagrations and utter chaos destroying the world yet? Okay, let's take it here: What if. . . the world had none of those systems we call "tools of organization and keeping order" and all our lives were tempered with the mind and heart of Christ? Do you still see utter chaos and destruction? Probably some yeses and some nos, right? I've been thinking(a very dangerous thing indeed), we all live under some sort of system that regulates how we think, how we behave, how we see the world, and how we treat others. Well now, I guess I just defined a paradigm. Even if we're not religious there are basic "rules" if you will, of how we should allow ourselves to be perceived and treated by others and how we should perceive and treat others based on the "signals": our speech, our behavior, our manners, our appearance, and our mannerisms. Some of us are perceived as poor because we "act" poor. We could have a lot of money, nice clothes, cars, homes, etc. and still be considered beneath someone else because we don't have the "mindset" associated with the "haves." Like I said, I've been thinking. Here's what it is: if we truly love Christ and want to follow his example, we have to realize that He had regard for no one. Oh, he had plenty of respect for people, but it was on such a different level. His regard for others was such that it literally ate some people up from the inside out. His regard was for each and every soul that graced the planet. There are no rejects, no dregs, no poor, no rich, no ins and outs, only people made by God's own hand in need. Here's where the difficulty comes up. We, . . .I have such a hard time with seeing through people's facades, my own facade, because to be transparent and to see people as people or souls made by God's own hand puts us all on equal ground. Every time someone hurts me or judges me, I cannot shift them down to another "level" nor can they shift me down. But we cannot shift ourselves up either because if we think about it hard enough, we have all hurt someone somewhere with our "masquerade." We all do things to alienate and hurt one another and yes, we are all still on one level. Needy. I can't put down or put up anyone based on any criteria whatsoever. Every last one of us, no matter how good or bad we appear, are all desperately and deeply loved by God and is given the same regard. We all have the same need. Nothing else will bring us closer to or push us away from His love. He can see right through us and loves us anyway. Now I'll ask you again: What kind of world would we have if we began to see one another as God sees all of us and we pushed aside all of the "stuff" that puts us all on different levels? Just a thought. . .

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