Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's May Already?

My Goodness! Where did the first week of May go? I wasn't expecting the days to move so quickly. Anyway, I have been feeling rather uptight lately as several events in my life have occurred in close proximity to each other. I had a bout with vertigo last week that totally threw me off balance (no pun intended). My husband had to come home from work and help me because it was that bad. I found out that my case was quite mild compared to others who couldn't even drive when they encountered it. My husband discovered on Monday or Tuesday that someone took all of his professional music equipment over the weekend which was quite devastating because music is his life when he's not teaching. But wonderfully enough within 24 hours God turned his situation around and replaced what the locust had eaten or in this case had stolen. I'm noticing a trend and have a quick thought for ya. Is it possible that this is just another living illustration that though in this world we will have tribulation, but we should be of good cheer because God has overcome this world? Yes I had vertigo, but I recovered in a day. God allowed something that wasn't pleasant but yet in his mercy God gave me a speedy recovery. Yes, my hubby lost things that took years to purchase (worth thousands of dollars) but God in his mercy restored what was lost. I'm of a mind that we must suffer because that is life and life happens to everyone regardless of beliefs and professions but I think there is a special blessing that God bestows on his children that love him and trust him. He won't always remove the difficulty, but he recreates it to help us get over through or around it with our faith intact.

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