Thursday, October 21, 2010

Introducing Remembering Our Vows: To Pray and Stay

Rememebering our Vows to Pray and Stay

Well, I'm back and betta than eva! I am officially a grad student, I got my MacBook Pro, and I don't quite know what to do with myself for the excitement of it all! Occasionally, I am seriously planning to start posting vlogs and personal photos so you can see what's up with me on a regular :0)

Today, I'd like to introduce you to our South Carolina blogger Stephanie Hamilton Brown. Her ministry is for marriage: Remembering our Vows: To Pray and Stay. I first found Stephanie on Facebook when she submitted an amazing story for husbands and wives to ponder on how sometimes wanting out of a marriage is about perspective rather than actual faults or flaws.

We know all the statistics for marriage especially in this country, and for those of us who are married and happily/tolerably so, we recognize that marriage is about real work and commitment (and prayer, much, much, MUCH, prayer) because fuzzy feelings are not enough. Stephanie's mission above all things is to help get that 50% divorce rate statistic down through prayer, fasting, and working directly with people through open conference calls. There are many marriages that can be preserved and even improved if people had the right tools and the resolve to do what it takes to get where they want to be. I didn't say every marriage will be saved, because there are some matches made in hell and many people who are not willing to recognize or accept what real marriage entails (the remembering our vows part).

I have seen several marriages break up as a result of  couples seeing what it really means to be married and one or both persons saying: I want no part of this marriage. I want no part of him/her: I gotta "do me." Marriage is one of those relationships that is the most highly romanticized but that is also the most victimized by human nature and it took me about 10 years to figure that out (I've been married 11 years in December). That's also the reason they put those comical but true lines like: "for richer or poorer", "for better or worse," "till DEATH (hear the creepy gothic voice) do us part." I think that's so that occasionally someone contemplating running for the hills would remember them and say, "Oh, that's what that meant. . .darn it!" I remember when I had that epiphany.

If you get a moment check out Stephanie's Facebook page, or blog and give her a follow if you like what you see. I hope everyone is having a terrific autumn day and does anyone know when we have that glorious "fall back" hour?


Wanda said...

What a wonderful and much needed ministry in this time, when marriage is often seen as something to take on and off like clothes.

CeCe Wilson said...

Yes, I totally agree Wanda! I love the way she posts different subjects to pray about or fast about and how they always seem to be right on point. I've seen too many people lose their marriages because of a disposable mindset. People make statements about "starter marriages" but I can't see how that even makes sense to them when it's supposed to be about long-term commitment. You don't marry people you don't want to be with forever.

Anita said...

On the run, as I seem to be a lot lately, but will definitely visit her blog. You've given a very good introduction and lead in on a subject that we all need support and encouragement with. :)

CeCe Wilson said...

Hi Anita! I'm glad you got a chance to stop by :0) I'll be looking out for your new post. You've got me intrigued. . .

Anita said...

CeCe, We could have an endless conversation about my "blonde" post and your response to it! Thank you for your passionate and thoughtful comments.
I won't fill up your space here because I would go on and on. :)
Have you ever thought about attaching an email account to your blog. I held out without one for a long time, but was convinced to do so by a lot of my readers. They wanted to respond to me when I commented on their blogs. Just a thought.
I've had some good feedback on some of my other posts, too. If you ever want to browse through some of them (when time permits) and give me your thoughts, I'd love to hear what you think.
EnJoy your day!

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