Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School Daze

LOL! I have not posted in so long I almost forgot where the blog is... Just kidding! My life is amazing: and the reason is God! I have returned to Florida as a resident again and I'm loving it. Of course life never goes the same path twice just like lightning never strikes the same place twice (Sidebar: Is that a myth?). I am in Florida; however, I am not even remotely close to living in the same place I was accustomed to prior to this move. I am an urban girl now (urban as in city dweller... ). The funniest part is how I am teaching at a private school right in the heart of inner city Tampa and loving it! Is it coincidence or destiny that most of my life experiences up to this point prepared me for this job? I'll let you be a judge. The school where I teach is an exemplary Step-Up Florida funds recipient and uses the following resources to help them connect with parents and students: technology (especially blogging), heavy parental involvement and support, student work and behavior recognition, and so on. I felt like I was made for this job. I laughed when the principal asked me if I knew anything about blogging and technology. Do I know anything about blogging and technology?! Me? The same chick who wondered if it was a mistake to attend Full Sail University and work towards her Masters in Education Technology? Me? The same person who has blogged off and on semi-professionally since 2006 and even had her own domain name at one point? Ha ha! I don't see how God couldn't have His hand in this situation. It is a blessing to me to know that I can see God in the small details. No, I don't believe this part of my journey is coincidence. I truly look forward to the day when I can really look back at the tapestry called my life and see how the dark threads wove together with the bright and golden threads to make a beautiful work of art when it's all said and done. I am determined to keep blogging about my life and share the journey with you: even if it's only six months at a time ;-) Hit me back if you're still with me... By the way, my friend at Gardening in the Boroughs of New York, You have completely inspired me to get my bee hives going one day very soon. I love what you're doing up there!


Rose Rochelle said...

So happy for you as you add another hat to the puke already on your brilliant head!! You inspire me :)

CeCe Wilson said...

Thanks Rosie Posie! I am so glad you stopped by to see my every 6 month's post! LOL!

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