Monday, January 26, 2009

Love in Black and White

Beautiful One don't ever underestimate your capacity to love
Lies to your logic keep you doubting the truth
Acknowledge that everything and EVERYONE God made is good
Can't you see how pride and prejudice changes everything?
Kick ignorance to the curb and love with abandon.

And now is the acceptable time to love the "un-acceptable"
Never let paper walls shut out the possibilities for true happiness
Denial never helped anybody. . .

When did it occur to you Fair One that there are other options for you?
Hate is an illusion. Hate is not love's opposite: Selfishness is.
Instinct says the original lessons learned about love and life are not all true
Tell yourself the truth of it all and learn to really love with the knowledge that
Everything and EVERYONE God made is good

Put your pasts behind you taking only what you need for the journey
Embrace the beauty of what you are together
Open your hearts with the understanding that God guards the doors
Pray that as you grow to understand each other, others will also know that
Loving someone is simple, but not easy, but real love is so good. . .
Eventually and prayerfully this poem will soon be irrelevant.

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