Monday, February 16, 2009

Tooth Fairy During the Recession

My son lost his tooth two days ago and left it under his pillow. Since he lost the opposite tooth the week before and it took almost five days BEFORE he got his quarter, I decidedly decided that the "Tooth Fairy" would make good on her 24 hour return guarantee for his tooth investment (even if she didn't really have it). Because of a "tarantula-like" spider bear sitting up on the wall above my son's bed, I had to make an emergency kill with hornet spray and hope that it would suffice. I made a mental note to call the exterminator first thing in the morning as I listened to the rapidly forming corpse scratch and claw its last in the windowsill and then removed the spray contaminated sheets from my son's bed. The tooth was still under his pillow and I rationalized that I would take care of his tooth deposit with his piggy bank and replace the money when I got change for a dollar. Because piggy banks weren't made to be quiet, I clanked and clinked as every kind of coin other than a quarter fell noisily on the dresser and prayed my little ones couldn't hear my dubious task, but alas, those little radar ears brought none other than the toothless wonder himself to the door of his bedroom to see what was the matter. I heard the shuffle behind me, turned to look, and he gave me his most precious "boy-boy" smile. I smiled back and immediately began to put the coins back in his bank. My son turned around at the door and called to his brother to re-assure him that everything was okay saying, "It's just Mom stealing money from our piggy. . ."

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