Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy May Day! Let's go to the Beach!

Happy May Day. . . Right. I know that it is not May Day, but I had to say that. I didn't get to say that yesterday and I was really dying to say it, so there. I went to the beach today after almost two years worth of hiatus. I don't know what kept me away (aside from gas prices and lack of extra income to lavish upon my vehicle to get me there). The beach is like one of the few consistent places I get to see just how small I am and how much bigger the world is than me, and therefore by extension, God . There is way too much water to drink and the ocean current is more than strong enough to take burly, full-grown men farther out than they probably want to go. But aside from that natural reality check, going to the beach is my time to really contemplate and relax. I grow mad-pensive and uber-observant as I watch sand, sea and others. I also found that the hour and a half drive to the beach is a torture box for me and my spouse. We always seem to hammer out major relationship crises and communication dramas. This particular moment I cried and did some deep soul searching about what was being said but I was also able to put my thoughts on the table as well. I don't know. It never fails. We argue, we discuss, I cry (or not), we vent, and then we have a wonderful time at the beach because we have emptied ourselves of all unspent foolishness and we are free to be free.

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