Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've Got a New Family

Happy June! I think I've just joined a sorority of sorts this week. No, not the kind where you have to be processed in and meet the approval of a scrutinizing group. It's more of the kind of sisterhood that binds you together for life and eternity. I've joined a network called Sistahfaith. In the last two days or so I have been so impressed with the quality and quantity of women (and men too) who have been bearing, caring for, and sharing with one another for the empowerment, betterment, and encouragement of each other. There is no fee, no approval process. You just have to have a desire to connect with others who have a fire and drive for being the woman or man God has called them to be. I hope that you will take some time to stop by and see if Sistahfaith is a place you want to become a member of a beautiful and growing family! Be blessed this week! Cut and paste: www.sistahfaith.com and click on NETWORK. Hope to see you there!

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