Friday, January 8, 2010

'Tis the Season!

Okay, I know it's the New Year, but I just had to say it because I believe now even more than ever that this is the time that God is gonna make things plain. I've spoken to several friends who without a doubt believe this is the year God reveals Himself to many of us (*He's always been there but somehow many of us will be "seeing" Him for the first time this year), and will be accomplishing those things we only dreamed about or wished would happen in our lives. Many people went through drama last year and felt abandoned and overwhelmed and rejected. They had dreams of the work that they believe God wants them to do for Him. There were many ministries that were planted and it seemed the seedlings wouldn't survive. However, I believe that last year was a season of discipline and pruning. The whole point of pruning is to encourage and stimulate a fruit tree to grow in a way that makes the most and the best fruit. Pruning can only be done by someone who knows what they are doing. Over pruning will give large,plentiful, but tasteless fruit and no pruning will produce lots of nice leaves but small, inedible fruit ruined by disease and insects. God was preparing us in 2009 to truly bear fruit and be productive, so he had to cut away those things that hold us back and weigh us down. Now that we have been relieved of much of our mess and the toxic stuff (mental tapes, fears, doubts, habits, and strongholds/growth inhibitors) that keep us unproductive, 'tis the season that many of us will stop "playing" church. 'Tis the season for total commitment to being a good tree that bears good fruit. 'Tis the season to be an active part of the orchard! We were chosen to be where and what we are. We were put in the conditions we were in back in 2009 to prove us and to 'harden' us for come what may and come what will. In order for plants to be hardy they must experience a little cold, and a little cutting. Don't stop being a tree now when you are on the brink of the real progress. God is planning to reap a harvest from us that is like no other! Now that we've been properly pruned, we will bear healthy, delicious, sweet and large fruit and not just beautiful, lush foliage. We will not be like the fig tree that was full of leaves and yet couldn't make a single fig! We will be like trees planted by the river of waters and we will not be moved out of place because we are so deeply rooted and established in the Root and the Branch. This year I challenge us to grow and bud and blossom and bring forth in Jesus' Name!

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