Friday, February 12, 2010

Looking Up

We have moved. It's official, but I still feel that high pressure to go, go, go! I am exhausted and trying to get my life back. It was hard work moving all that stuff from there to here but it was so worth the effort. The house is beautiful to me. Old and nostalgic screened in front porch, hardwood floors, chipmunks, confused woodpeckers (one tapped on my baby's head because it thought he was a tree), no insulation in the walls, two fireplaces, fruit trees in the front, back and sides of the house, a walking trail and lake just one block away, and so much more! The children are in heaven with the ability to play in the front and back yard. I can't wait to plant my gardens! Yeah, I believe this was a kiss from my Father and an early birthday present. It will require a lot of TLC to get "my vision" in order, but I believe that we are right where God wants us to be and where we need to be. I'll keep you updated on everything. . .

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