Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Missed the First Day of Spring!

I am so behind. I missed the first day of spring because my son decided that he needed to be hospitalized. But the good news is: my son is out of the hospital as of Sunday and I am once again returning to some state of normalcy (if there is such a thing)! Well, a new spring technically brings a new year and a new start. During this stressful time my family went through, we've been given a chance for a do-over with my son's asthma. He needed a specialist (like he used to have a while back) and now he has one. He also needed to find out how to take his medication so that it would be more effective and he would need it less instead of more and now he does. I think that God has blessings in hardship and it is all about finding the blessing and working with God through them instead of fighting and fretting over them.

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