Monday, March 16, 2009

Stevie Wonder and "Hater-ade"

It's not everyday you get to go to a midnight music recording session. And it's even less rare to meet and talk to Stevie Wonder at that midnight music recording session. No, I didn't meet him :0( I'm just living vicariously through my best friend in California who got to go to that session and meet him. She is a wonderful musician and she was just doing what musicians do: play what ever instrument they play and her instrument of choice is the piano. She was unassuming and just killing time while she waited to record a jingle for Mr. Wonder's upcoming concert this week (My life is so boring. . .). And while she was playing around with another artist Kevin Nash, who walks in and goes right over to where she is playing on the piano? You guessed it. He didn't realize she was a girl until she spoke and seemed surprised (good female musicians are a special breed indeed). She was doing well not to melt into a pool of chocolate pudding (they would have already put me out by now), when he asked her to play something. No, I'm sorry. What?!? You're Stevie Wonder and you ask me to play? I'm trying to sit at your feet and you want ME to play something? I would have died right there on the spot(if I were still in the building). She remarked that famous people can't go making requests like that of her: her nerves are bad! I laughed but totally understood. She played the 12 Bar Blues for him even though this chick is classically trained! Now it is at this point that I must begin to explain where the hater-ade comes in. My friend is very sweet and humble. She is unassuming and kind to everyone. Most of the people who came in to record are established back up singers and musicians who "do" this sort of "thing" all the time. Their attitudes matched the "level" they were on and most knew each other already. My friend was almost accidentally chosen! She just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I say almost accidentally because I don't believe in accidents with God around. Anywho, when Mr. Wonder comes in to the room you know that he is purposefully walking to where she is playing and the room stops. Suddenly, this "misplaced" girl is the center of attention and has Mr. Wonder's attention. He being the amiable and socially infectious person I've always imagined him to be, talked with her, asked her to play, put his arm around her, and even played around with some of his runs with her! The envy was obvious as people began to go green at the attention she was being shown. Isn't hater-ade something? A minute ago she was insignificant! And this didn't just happen last night. She gets hated on all the time. I realize for her it is because she has something special that no one can deny. When she is famous she promised me at least 15 minutes! Just kidding, maybe. I started praying for her just the day before because I saw that she has a special gift with music and I believe God has a special purpose for her life. You don't let those gifts go unprotected because there is an enemy that seeks to wash out the gift with hater-ade. Sometimes the people closest to her have shown hate for her brilliance and she almost let go of it. She gets discouraged on every turn because people don't want her to shine if it isn't in their light. But my friend must shine. It is what she was born to do. I think God in His own special way moved on her behalf to give her a swift kick in the mojo to keep doing what she was born to do. If meeting Stevie Wonder doesn't help her to stay on her toes with her practice then there is no hope! I ain't hatin'! So I'm saying all this to say, "Don't hate: appreciate! Each of us has a job to do. Let us do it to the best of our abilities and live life with real purpose and drive. Hater-ade only keeps us thirsty and dry when we drink it and serve it up."

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