Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Conversation Between Us

Me: Something's happening.
God: Trust Me.
Me: I have so little faith
God: Use what faith you have. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed. . .
Me: I remember. Um, are You concerned about my everyday living? You know, the regular stuff?
God: There's not even a sparrow that falls to the ground that I don't know about. If I care enough about birds and flowers, what makes you so sure I wouldn't care about your needs? Aren't you more important to me than birds?
Me: Yes, I would think so but---
God: No buts. You are mine and my treasure. I am especially fond of you. Don't be anxious about your future. It is unknown anyway and will only serve to frustrate you if you did know. I can see the whole picture. You only see a fractal.
Me: So will you at least give me a "heads up" if things are going to be bad?
God: Not always, because all things "good or bad" I work together for your BEST good. . . So trust me.
Me: (Sigh) I trust You. Thanks, I love You.

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